technical bulletin

Sorry for the non-post, but I wanted to say if any of you ever had trouble subscribing to my RSS feed in the past, please try again.

I never did figure out what was wrong with the old link (I think it was some weird jumbledygook with my theme?), so I just set up a new one via Feedburner. I’m not really sure whether this means anyone currently successfully subscribed to my feed needs to update it or not. I’m pretty sure I’m going to post something new tomorrow (I never did this like the lying odiferous scourge I am), so if it never show up in your reader, I guess that means yes. 

But if I were you I’d be totally lazy and not do anything about it until one day, months from now, as you’re chopping carrots for a stew, you’ll idly think “I wonder whatever happened to that girl with the bottle of booze in her blog header? She hasn’t updated in forever, it’s like she fell off the face of the planet.” And you’ll point your browser here just to check and be like WHOA, holy shit, there are 596 new posts? And she’s apparently moved to Mongolia and adopted a rhesus monkey?

Just kidding, that would never happen. The monkey part, at least. God, I hate a monkey. They’re so creepy. They just… I can’t. I can’t talk about a monkey anymore. No. Never again.

[TRUE STORY, when I was a toddler my parents’ friend came to visit and presented me with a stuffed toy gorilla, and I took one look at it and wordlessly walked it over to the trash bin and threw it away. To this day I am MORTIFIED by my actions, and feel really guilty and bad for that person, but even so, I’ve evidently held something against monkeys/gorillas since birth; what they ever did to me I don’t know.]


I have heard back from a couple people that the new link actually works now, so I have high hopes that it, like, totally-for-sure works and will continue doing so, provided the high lords of Jumbledygook Province are appeased.

You can subscribe through this handy text link or by clicking “Subscribe in a reader” at the top of the sidebar, DON’T SAY I NEVER PROVIDE OPTIONS.

Carry on with your bad selves!

6 Responses to “technical bulletin”

  1. How do you manage to make a technical bulletin funny?


  3. Do your feelings about monkeys and gorillas extend to koalas, or is it just monkeys…?

    • I’m okay with a koala. Koalas seem more like bears to me instead of primates, and bears are acceptable.

      Are you anti-koala, yourself?

  4. Heyyyy, thanks for this! I’ve obviously been lax in my writing and reading of blogs, but having this in my reader again will certainly help my ability to follow along. Woo!

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