things to do when you’re on deadline

  1. Reread the last post you published. Because you clearly haven’t read it before.
  2. Cook eggs.
  3. Wash the dishes.
  4. Put on a cardigan.
  5. Inspect zit on neck.
  6. Fine. Zits.
  7. Check Twitter.
  8. Look out the window.
  9. Lean into mirror, tweeze eyebrows.
  10. Put on a different cardigan. Because that one was totally cramping your style.
  11. Check the mail.
  12. Make an animated gif:

I took this series of photos of the contrail-strewn sky as we left our last winery on our last day of the long holiday weekend.

I’ll be honest with you, I was a little… happy.

Happy about life! It’s so fun! Everything is meaningful! LOOK AT THE SKY OMG IT’S FULL OF MEANING!! AND FEEEEELINGS!! I feel happy!!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go change my cardigan.

Oh, and do this project thing. That. Right.

6 Responses to “things to do when you’re on deadline”

  1. I am going to post this comment to give you another excuse to reread your latest post. I know, I know. I’m not helping.

  2. Procrasturbation. Where would we be without it?


  4. i do the SAME things. FREAL.

  5. Would it be creepy if I told you that I’m starting to think we are the SAME PERSON? The zits and the tweezing are dead giveaways.

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