three and one

Welp, here I am. Firmly ensconced in my thirties.

30 always seemed a bit tenuous, like I could just duck back inside my late twenties if I really felt like it. Dip in a toe; test the waters. But 31 is a solid bid. 30 is slipping your spare change in the slot machines as you cut through the casino floor, but 31 is sidling up to the blackjack table and slapping down a $100 bill. Deal me into my thirties, baby.

Only you probably shouldn’t call your blackjack dealer “baby.” Not sure they’d appreciate that.

Ideally, this would be the part of the post where I offer up a humorous insight into the universal human condition, but… I don’t know anything about that. I’m a year older, today. Okay. We all get older with every single second that passes. You reach a point where further analysis is useless. So then you just dig up the handful of baby photos of yourself that you have on hand and marvel about the passage of time, and about how much you’ve changed, and about how OH GOD BABIES LOOK SO SMALL AND WEIRD.

Also, my dad had a lot of hair in those days.

Proud that I'm in a blue onesie, here. Way to unintentionally subvert gender stereotyping, parents!

I may not have much to say about getting older, sure, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t exploit this non-occasion in order to partake of preposterous amounts of merriment. As you do.

The American Thanksgiving holiday is nigh, and while my birthday doesn’t fall on it this year, I have decided to usurp it entirely with a four-day weekend of me. That’s right. No turkey. No potatoes. No gravy. No cranberry sauce. No stuffing. No green beans and condensed cream of mushroom soup with those crunchy onion bits.

Whatever. I always thought that dish would be better if they just got rid of the green beans entirely, anyway.

We are having none of this Thanksgiving business. Come Thursday morning, the beau and I are headed up to Paso Robles for a weekend packed with our own version of excess. We’re staying in an old cottage that features an adjacent saloon — an actual 1886 saloon that was going to be torn down, but the owner managed to have it moved to his property. Our plan is to hang out in it, and to rent bikes and pedal around to nearby wineries and cheese tasting rooms.

Pretty ridiculous for an unimportant birthday, yeah?

What are you doing this weekend? Does it involve turkey? Chinese food? Tea? Fighting with your in-laws? Reorganizing your closets? What?

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  1. Happy birthday lady! Love the gambling analogy…probably because I use so many of them myself. Plus, it’s a really good one.

    Your thanksgiving weekend sounds excellent. Hope it is magnificent.

  2. Oh my gosh your dad looks like a little boy in this picture! That makes me feel like I am way late to the baby-having.

    Happy belated birthday, friend. I will toast to you tonight 🙂

  3. Happy birthday!

    I think your non-Thanksgiving weekend sounds fabulous. The saloon and everything. But mostly the wineries and cheese tasting rooms.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think your birthday weekend sounds fabulous. Sometimes you just have to skip the national holiday and have a birthday, right?

    We’re skipping the big family Thanksgiving this year, too. My kids will be with their dad, so we decided that I would fly up to San Francisco to spend the weekend with Tony, where I can get some proper Chinese food. Like you do.

  5. That weekend sounds just about perfect, for thanksgiving, a birthday, or any old amazing time. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Brithday!!! I, for one, feel that you should celebrate your birthday however you feel like celebrating. So go on, have a great time.

    I’m in Ireland with the in-laws for Thanksgiving. Well, not FOR Thanksgiving — my brother-in-law is getting married on Friday. Since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, my Thanksgiving will be Thanksgiving-free. I’m trying not to be too sad about it.

  7. Happy 31st! I remember feeling the same way about 31…how it felt much more solidly “in my thirties” than 30, which felt like straddling the border between the twenties and thirties. Have a wonderful weekend.

    I will be be celebrating thanksgiving this Sunday with my québécois husband’s family. We’ll do it on Sunday because it’s, you know, not a holiday here so nobody has a day off today, and Sunday was the day that worked for everybody. I celebrated Thanksgiving with them last year too and they seemed glad to do it again this year. I guess I have imported a new holiday tradition for the family? This year my mother-in-law is going to make the sweet potato casserole (using my recipe, since it is a new dish for her)! 🙂

  8. Well, that sounds perfectly lovely. Have a great birthday weekend. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here of course, so it’ll just be a crazy two-weeks-before-the-wedding weekend. You know.

  9. Happy happy. I am in your suitcase. I snuck in. Hope one of the bikes is a tandem.

  10. I’m not sure I UNDERSTAND the Thanksgiving avoidance (um, FOOD.) but Happy Birthday to you!!

  11. “Ensconced” should be used more often.

    Happy birthday!

  12. Pffft. Boo hoo. 31. I’d give my left tit to be 31 again.

    Happy Birthday all the same! 🙂

  13. I’m late on the blog, but I think I was on time on the twitter. Either way, a happy belated birthday to you!

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