i know what i did last september

Namely, go on honeymoon. And also get married. But mostly GO ON HONEYMOON.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what we were doing at this time last year. Each new calendar day brings new memories, because the dates were so drilled into me during the planning process. On September 17th, I kept thinking about our last-minute wedding panics and the welcome barbecue. On the 18th, I thought of getting married. On the 19th, I thought of opening gifts and packing. On the 20th, I thought of leaving on a plane for the honeymoon. And so on. I’m certain these associations will fade over time. I’m certain even as early as next year, I’ll see the calendar dates more as numbers and less as emotions. But for now, this year, it’s like I’m walking through the experience all over again.

And the best part of the experience, of course, was when we got to leave the wedding shit behind for good and set off for Canada.

I never talked about our trip after we got back, namely because I didn’t want readers to get bored. But now I’ve completely gotten over that now, especially because I was seeking an easy post at the end of the week. “I know, I’ll just throw some photos in there and press ‘publish!'” I thought gleefully. WELL. YEAH. That didn’t so much happen! Turns out I am as effusive with images as I am with words! Who knew?

Please do try to believe that these were whittled down from hundreds of photos. I’m trying to assure you that I tried.

The following were taken on the first half of our honeymoon trip to British Columbia. We stayed in a cabin overlooking the Pacific ocean on Vancouver Island. It was pretty sweet. Here, I’ll show you:

This is the only photograph I took on our first day, in a gleeful exhausted frenzy of OMFG CANADA. We quite literally traveled all day long, from Santa Barbara at 8:00 a.m., to L.A., to Vancouver, to an Apple store in downtown Vancouver because like an idiot I forgot my charger for my laptop, to the ferry, to all the way across the island to a small town named Ucluelet, where we finally found our cabin in the pitch black just after midnight.

This is the first thing we saw when we stepped outside our cabin the next morning. A banana slug on our recycling bin. PHOTO OP!

“Having a wonderful time in Canada! Getting a real taste for local culture! xoxo”


I feel like I took this in California, but no. Ucluelet.

Canadians. They like to organize their logs.


The chairs on the porch of our cabin.

The view from our cabin.

See the bird towards the upper right up there? These birds were crazy. They would wait in the trees, staring at you, and when you stepped far enough away they’d swoop down to the porch railing, where someone had lined up pebbles from the beach, and they’d TAKE THE PEBBLES. They’d fly away with them. I have no idea what these birds wanted with them, or why they had to take them specifically from the cabin porch. BIRDS. THE SHORELINE IS BEHIND YOU. Thousands of amazing pebbles await you, right over there.

CANADIAN MOSS. IS DIFFERENT FROM AMERICAN MOSS. And thus warrants a photograph. You can trust my caps lock usage on this.

I fracking LOVE woodsy rodents. 10,000 times better than a monkey. I fracking HATE monkeys. Don’t even talk to me about a monkey. Woodsy rodents are where it’s at.

God, what a tourist.

The fishing town of Tofino.

Not a great picture, but yes, that bear and telephone booth have got each others’ backs.

I’d like to point out the skulls on the posts flanking the driveway are named “Hector” and “Axel.”

In the drugstore where I bought an umbrella. No, I didn’t pack an umbrella for British Columbia. Yes, I am an idiot.



“Except for shopping carts.”

And finally, one of my favoritest photos of him ever.

Okay! That was our time on Vancouver Island. It was beautiful and gorgeous and I want to go back.

I may still post photos from the other half of our honeymoon, in the city of Vancouver. Or not. I haven’t decided how crazy I feel yet.

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  1. My comment really only relates to the first bit, but I don’t know what it is about September. There are so many dates in this month where I know EXACTLY what I was doing at certain points in my past. This month always seems to be about looking backwards for me. Trying to do more looking forwards.

  2. Beautiful. I love that the first photos of ze man are with his mouth on things. That bodes well for a frisky honeymoon. :)

    I think we should be forced to take a honeymoon every year. Paid for by the fairy godmother, of course.

  3. Woah there, Jo!! Trying to get yourself axed like Anon on Liz’s page yesterday?

    And Lyn, how is it that this is the first we’re seeing of these photos? They are so great. Although, the banana slug one is really giving me the creeps, I must admit :)

    The first time my husband visited Ohio he spent an hour in my parents’ backyard laughing at and photographing squirrels. No joke. We have hundreds of photos of squirrels! Apparently the woodsy rodents in new Zealand are not nearly as cool.

    • I practically had a heart attack when I arrived for university in Michigan and discovered that the campus was populated with both brown AND black squirrels. BLACK SQUIRRELS. Mind. Blown.

      Your husband was right to be enthusiastic. I believe the midwest has the finest woodsy rodents in all of America.

  5. Damn. I want to go to there.

    And yes please, post photos of the second half as well!

  6. YAY BC HONEYMOON! I’m so glad you enjoyed it here. I admit , I’ve gotten too acustomed to the natural beauty around every corner… seeing Vancouver Island through your eyes really puts it into perspective for me.

    Though we live in Vancouver, we honeymooned a 5 minute ferry ride away… on Bowen Island. Which you can SWIM TO from North Vancouver, I kid you not. Overachievers we are not.

  7. Want to go there.

    No seriously, I want to know what cabin you went to, cause that looks fantastic and we’re always looking for good long-weekend-getaway places.

    So I take it you guys don’t have pictures of fish on your grates? It’s a reminder to not dump crap into the sewers because it eventually gets to the little fishies. And, yes we organize logs. That’s what I’m doing this weekend actually.

  8. holy bananas these photos are awesome. your husband is hilarious! and so are you.

    I need a Canadian vacation like now.

  9. Did I forget that you were a wolverine? me too. Grew up in Ann arbor and went to undergrad. Freaking squirrels everywhere.

    More honeymoon please.

  10. Ahhh I totally feel you on the date-specific memories. I did the exact same thing in May. I’m good at keeping dates and calendars in my head so I’m not sure how long those associations will dominate that month.

    And hooray for Canadian honeymoons! Ours was on the other side of the country, but I have a trip to BC planned for next year around this time when my college roomie is getting married in Vancouver. CANNOT WAIT. So, yeah, I’d love to see more awesome photos from your travels.

    A few more thoughts: woodsy rodents are the shit; the slug- and lead paint-licking photos are cracking me up; and you are a hoot.

  11. Ahhh. I have waiting a WHOLE YEAR to see these photos. Maybe we’ll make it an anniversary trip next year.

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