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I was changing into a tank top and pajama bottoms in the bedroom when the beau came running into the room and somersaulted onto the bed to say hi. I seized this prime opportunity to pick up the socks I’d just peeled off my feet and lunge at him in a demented attempt to jam them into his face. This led to a wrestling match over sock possession that caused me to roll off of the bed onto the floor, where I started giggling so hard that I farted.1 After a series of halfhearted attempts to tickle each other, he collapsed into breathless spasms of laughter and gasped, “My face hurts.” “Your face hurts because it’s so ugly that you broke it,” I replied, and we both started shrieking with laughter again.

I understand that most people don’t approach their marriages as if they are still in the third grade, but it seems to work for us.


1 Aren’t you ever so glad you decided to actually read this?


At a photo booth in Portland the Christmas before we got engaged.

The autumn after we got engaged, when my aunt surprised us with engagement shots in her friend's photo studio. Always with the threats of physical harm.

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  1. those are the moments to hold onto.

  2. Yes! As creepy as this sounds, I used to say I wanted to marry someone who felt like one of my siblings. Meaning I could be a total nine-year-old goofball around him. And Collin totally has that going for him!

  3. LOL. I love those moments – esp. the laughing-so-hard-your-face-and-stomach-hurt. I just posted uhh, “outtakes” from our attempts to get a decent anniversary photo on facebook, including the one right after B licked me and the one where I burst into giggles and basically spit in his face, as he was trying to kiss me. ;P

  4. now my face hurts! how much do i love you guys! so much!

    ps. in the course of writing this comment, i also laughed so hard i choked on my own spit and started crying. AWESOME X INFINITY

  5. Laughing my ass off over here. This is priceless.

  6. That’s not how most people approach marriage? Glad I didn’t know that going in cause I might have been a bit more reluctant. But I do feel for our potential future kids. I think we’re going to fall heavily into the ’embarrassing parents’ category.

  7. It turns out that being an adult is hard and not so much fun (boo jobs and bills and chores). I’ve found that one of the few places to escape “adult-ness” is by regressing and reveling in ridiculousness within my marriage. So yay.

  8. Now me? I don’t go for the sibling abuse. He’s got siblings for that. IN fact, when he approaches me with the “let’s wrestle” face, I high tail it outta there ‘cuz The Candyman is BIG. Now, we do have this thing called The Mind Tickle. He’ll just say, “Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickle” and I’ll start hysterically laughing as if he is actually tickling me. It’s very strange. So it’s kinda like the wrestle thing, but with our minds. Um. Yeah.


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