where am i?

You guys, guess what? I found out that on the internet, you can be in more than one place at the same time! Science will never cease to astound me.

So here’s where I’m at RIGHT NOW:

1. a safe mooring

When Kirsty of A Safe Mooring put out a call for guest post submissions while she’s on holiday, I gladly answered. For those unfamiliar, Kirsty writes with a sharp wit and a keen turn of phrase, which is pretty much the key to my heart both online and off. Today, I’m over on her blog talking about summers on the water. Have a visit, and if you have spare time for extra reading, don’t miss out on the ongoing series.

2. a practical wedding

For those of you who are tired of all these damn words and the reading of them, I have a solution: pictures. Specifically the pictures at A Practical Wedding, where I’m honored to be kicking off the new Wordless Weddings series. I have to admit it’s been fun looking back at those photos now, nine months removed, and going “Oh, yeah, that was kind of a happily awesome day, wasn’t it.” Bonus: the beau’s Real Name is revealed, which: whoops.

3. on the sofa

All this virtual travel has given me a massive headache. Either that or it’s this head cold thing I have.

4. at your mom’s house

I couldn’t resist.

11 Responses to “where am i?”

  1. Okay, so I wouldn’t normally ask you about your underwear in the comments section, but I’m kind of dying to know how you handled the boob situation with the Saja dress and I can’t figure out how to email you. The lady at Bella Bridesmaid tried to tell me that you can buy a bra that is essentially a couple of suction cups and I think my brain exploded. Is that really the best option?

    Oh, and hi! Loved seeing your post pop up on APW, because I’ve been going through your archives. Your wedding was gorgeous, but you already know that, of course.

    • Ha ha! I love this. You can ask me about my underwear any time, any way.

      [Also, my email is under the “contact” tab on the black bar up there, but it’s really hard to see those words unless you hover the mouse over them. I should fix that]

      The short answer is that, yes, I kind of used suction cups. The long answer can be found in the followup email I send (forgive me if it takes a day or two, I am slightly behind in correspondence!)

  2. Whoops! I thought, you know CR had already put his name all over the interwebs. I suck. Alas.

    Also, I was out getting slightly hammered with Kristy last night, so all of this seems fitting.

  3. I LOVED your wedding, Lyn. Completely beautiful way to start off that series!

  4. Lyn thank you so much for your fabulous post (and being so nice about my blog, you big flatterer). Having just been in San Francisco, I have to say the Pacific did not look nearly as appetising as Fin’s dad’s pool.

  5. You’ve been married 9 months already? Dumb comment but how the hell has that gone by so damn FAST? Frick.

  6. it was awesome to see your wedding on a practical wedding! amazing!

  7. Well, I damn well know where you AREN’T. Here at your pretty pretty new blog, that’s where. You can’t just make it all gorgeous and lovely and then leave us here, wandering around in the teal and yellow wonderland all alone.

    (A healthy dose of completely unsolicited guilt is what makes the world go ’round, I say.)

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