i’ll bet you can’t figure it out

I have a giant, hulking canister of herbal sweetener that sits on a shelf above the kitchen counter, next to the bottle of vodka.

Guess which one I invariably reach for every morning?


I just read those two sentences over and realized that it sounds like I put vodka in my coffee on a regular basis, but whatever. I don’t know how to change it without taking the funny out of it, which I have effectively done via this explanation.

In the meantime, here is an entirely unrelated photo of me and my cousin that actually probably explains a lot:

6 Responses to “i’ll bet you can’t figure it out”

  1. Ahahaha, legit! I’ve got one of me leaning against my Uncle’s legs watching tv with a can of beer casually in my hands at probably the same age as you guys in the picture…we must come from the same stock of people.

  2. Yup, my fiance’s relations trained him at that age to get them the “red” or the “blue” beer out of the corresponding cooler.

    He was born and raised in the bluegrass state of Kentucky so that’s no surprise whatsoever 🙂

  3. Classic picture. Gotta start ’em young 😉

  4. LMAO–this is the kind of thing that was actually OKAY before Facebook. 😉

    And wait, you DON’T put vodka in your coffee? Because I totally do. Except without the coffee.

  5. you have to stop being funny for these reasons: my smile hurts and i cannot laugh out loud at work without drawing attention. c’mon.
    that photo is classic.

  6. such a great photo! also, is coffee + vodka good? inquiring minds want to know…

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