inside out

When you travel by train, you see everything cars don’t.

You see what people try to hide, like untended backyards. Empty swimming pools. Spare lumber in weeds. The remains of homeless camps. Receiving docks behind business parks. Abandoned parking lots. Barbed wire and stacked pallets. Back doors of strip malls with paint peeling off. The backsides of billboards. Empty aquaducts. Men lurking outside of cavernous black warehouse doors, pulling drags on cigarettes as their heads slowly swivel to follow the noisy machine clattering past.

Veins and bones.

These are the snapshots you take with you.

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  1. beautiful photos…i try to travel by train as much as possible…the metro is a good place to meet some rad chicagoans as well…and your fair share of drunks on skates and folks with satchels full of miscellanea (body parts?) hm…

  2. I had the exact same experience traveling by train, but you said it so beautifully!

  3. Awesome post. The photos are great — what kind of camera was it again?

  4. Beautiful post and amazing photos. I am jealous of your camera and anxious to see the other photos you took.

  5. All right. I’m made the switch from ADW to ADL. Finally. Well worth it too – these pics are kick ass.

  6. lovely , just lovely. also, please post more photos! these are great

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