mixtape 10: americanos

Speaking of America

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Bad Religion — American Dream
Tom Petty — American Girl
Trisha Yearwood — An American Girl (Xs and Os)
Wilco — Ashes of American Flags
Gogol Bordello — American Wedding
Los Tigres Del Norte — Somos Mas Americanos


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5 Responses to “mixtape 10: americanos”

  1. love it! especially Tom Petty & Wilco. Happy Friday!!!!

  2. God Bless Amurica!
    (and bless this mix, too)

  3. American Girl is my favorite Tom Petty song!

  4. Ah, those Americans. 🙂

  5. love gogol bordello and that wilco song is one of my faves, excellent picks, lyn.

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