In lieu of New Year’s resolutions, upon returning from our holiday travels I decided to just make a giant to-do list instead. I made this list on Sunday, and by the time I went back to it the following day I was having trouble even comprehending it. Reasearch books? What books? Couldn’t I have provided a little more clarification here? Website? Which one? There are several to choose from. Underwear and bra? I’m assuming this is a missive to find and purchase new ones and not a reminder to check that I am actually wearing them. And why did I actually put a question mark next to the solitary word Dust? It’s as if I’ve already given up. The dusting will never get done if it’s treated as tentative suggestion.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I do need a New Year’s resolution: write better lists.

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  1. lol, I think that is a very great new resolution! I tried to make myself some lists but only came up with dumb stuff. First things first, so my first goal is to better articulate my goals.

  2. Your to-do lists are as bad as mine, which pretty much read, “Clean all the things.” “Wedding stuff.” “Sleep.”

  3. This is my favourite New Years post, hands down.

  4. clean all the things is, by far, the best resolution i’ve ever heard.
    i like what some folks are doing where they just think of things they already rock at…and then just commit to keep-on-keeping-on with the aforementioned things.

    we came up with a few goals…but they’re more…mindsets and what not. you’ll rock your ambiguous to-do list if/when you decipher it.

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