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  1. (1) The Green Man suits and Leggos are awesome.
    (2) When I was in college, a group of friends and I had season passes to our local club hockey team. We always bought the seats right behind the opposing team penalty box. One of our group was a lawyer, who used to wait for a player to get into the box for a second or subsequent time just so that he could yell legalize at him: “You’re a recidivist! Can you spell recidivist? Do you even know what it means?” He would then take out a series of finger puppets to demonstrate.

    We also had shticks that involved rubber chickens and kitchen strainers. It sometimes took a while to get our bags of props through the security check.

  2. One of my best friends who is home for Christmas, from Toronto quite appropriately, went to this game and sat a mere 11 rows up from these guys. Her dad has seasons tickets so she gets to go to lots of games when she’s home. Obviously, I hate her. Except when she takes me. Anyways, love the green guys.

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