hoarders: the christmas edition

I’ll admit it, I occasionally shop at Anthropologie. For a long time, the clerks would wrap your purchases in white tissue paper with little red dots on it. I saved this paper and used it during the holidays, because it just fit.

I save a lot of things, actually. Wrapping paper. Boxes. Ribbons. Bows. Anything that’s not egregiously torn or wrinkled gets folded up and shoved into a plastic bin for future reuse. I would say that this behavior demonstrates my frugal, savvy, and eco-friendly nature, but I suspect it mostly stems from sheer laziness. I don’t want to leave the house in search of supplies every time I give someone a present, you know?

Now that the gift-giving season has come around again, I dragged the dusty plastic bin out from under the bed in the spare room and commenced spreading its contents all over the living room floor. This is a crucial part of the wrapping process, you see. It’s also imperative that you base your center of operations in high foot traffic areas, thereby maximizing the tripping hazard for yourself and for loved ones.

Among the detritus on the floor I found a long, flat, rectangular Macy’s box intended for presenting jewelry. My mother had last used it on some long-ago occasion to give me something that definitely was not jewelry. No matter. The box was the perfect size for one of the items I needed to wrap, so I opened it up only to find there was already tissue paper hiding inside — and it was that familiar red-dotted kind.

I’d used the tissue paper I’d saved from Anthropologie in a gift for my mom, and my mom had saved it and reused it in a gift for me, and then I’d saved that and ended up reusing it in a gift for my friend. Go! Go! Out into the wilderness! Will I ever see you again, my fair red-dotted friend?

Eh. At least I know where I get this problem from.

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  1. Oh god, that’s me and my mom too. Except mostly with ribbons, although we do sometimes take wrapping paper and use it again, just on a smaller gift so you can cut off the taped edges. Which means that we open gifts veerrryyy carefully. This drives my husband J crazy, as he comes from the ripping-paper-off-gift-asap school of thought. And that, of course, just means that I unwrap my gifts even more slowly, just because I can.

  2. I have a ton of this red-dotted paper at my house. I had no idea it came from Anthropologie. But I use it for gifts too – it’s remarkably sturdy.

    I also have a big ol’ stash of gift bags and gift-sized bags in my closet, along with a wide variety of boxes (one of the perks of working in publishing: there are always boxes lying around).

  3. Haha, earlier today I was re-organizing my supply of bags, tissue paper, bows, etc, into a rubbermaid plastic bin so that I can keep them organized to re-use them. Some are new, some have been re-used for YEARS for my family at Christmas. I even have other bits of ribbon and Christmas ornaments that I have saved thinking I will use them to decorate gifts… So…I get this! 🙂

  4. I thought I was the only person who did this. Everyone makes fun of me . . . “You’re even saving THAT paper?!” Why yes. Yes I am, thank you. And just for that, I’m going to wrap your gift in it next year.

    I haven’t bought boxes/wrapping paper/gift bags in years. And I’m damn proud of it, too.

  5. You had me at “hoarders.”

  6. ah yes, the christmas bin. I can totally relate to this. of course, I have upped it to about 8 bins which is an issue. Especially since I continually add to the bins instead of taking anything out of them (for example, instead of working on gifts right now, I am reading blogs & watching ‘when vacations attack’).

  7. heh, i totally wrapped you b-day gift in, um, “vintage” paper (and the ribbon was also, eh, broken in, for that matter).

    also, i LOVE that tissue paper from anthropologie! i used to have a stash of it for gift wrapping until i repurposed it for keeping my christmas tree ornaments safe.

    more also: having a ginormous floor hazard is essential to all gifting processes. my living room floor currently has (and has had for about a week): paper, an x-acto knife, scissors, needles, and a spool of thread. all of which might easily be stepped on while venturing to the loo in the middle of the night. ha ha! nothing says festive like accidental injuries!

  8. We had a collection like this for the entire time I was a kid. We had some boxes and tissue paper that lasted for 20 years. Yes, you read that right.

  9. My mom and I do this too. Mr. Beagle is not amused that I feel compelled to save used wrapping paper or tissue or ribbons, etc. And yes, our entire living room space is covered in wrapping materials right now.

  10. Definitely! All that stuff is so expensive!
    All the people who get gifts from us this year are going to get them wrapped in white/silver/sparkly tissue paper…probably in bags that have big cakes and rings and doves and whatnot on them!
    Thanks to the wedding, I think it will be years before we have to buy any tissue of any kind!

  11. holiday hoarding affects us all…my mom has closetS -capital s – full of christmas shit…i’m sorry, christmas stuff, that fills the house…and all year round i think it’s the most ridiculous thing…until late november…then her house feels like santa sneezed all over it and the presents are wrapped beautifully with sparkly paper and the like…and i can’t say anything any more.

  12. I do the same thing, though I don’t think it comes from my mother. (although she does save boxes at christmas…) Tissue paper is one of THE MOST annoying things to have to buy, so I hoarded every bit from every shower/wedding gift/anthropologie purchase (love the dots!) and have done a commendable job of reusing it. I think of it as a thrifty and environmentally conscious practice, but it drives my husband nuts that I save all this stuff 🙂

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