lost and found

On Saturday I went out with friends for an early birthday dinner at an Argentinian restaurant. We’d finished eating and were lingering over drinks. Suddenly, a flan with a candle jammed through the top appeared in front of me just as the band broke into the familiar strains of  the Happy Birthday song.

The bandleader, a large man in a gray ponytail and a Panama Jack hat seated behind a keyboard, called me “Liz.”

Whoever Liz is, I hope she wasn’t pissed that I got her birthday flan.

Also on Saturday night, my friend returned the Diana camera I’d let her borrow for her family vacation — but it came with a surprise. A half a roll of long-forgotten-about film she’d found tucked inside. She had it developed and presented me with the prints, and within a few seconds of thumbing through them in confusion it all started coming back to me. New York. Washington, D.C. That lonely year and a half after college spent stranded on the eastern seaboard.


Has it really been six years since I last used that camera? What happened? Something about that irritating light leak that wouldn’t go away despite how much electrical tape I wrapped around the body, something about the 120 film being too expensive to buy and develop, something about me getting a shiny new digital SLR …

Something like that.

And I know the toy camera photography trend is officially overblown, but damn. Something about holding those square matte prints in my hands left me reeling. And a little verklempt.

It might be time to go back to film.

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  1. now i’m all verklempt… there is something magical about film, dammit.

  2. ha ha I’m sure iz will forgive you. birthday flan something amazing by the way

    alos happy birthday (belated at this point I’m sure, sorry!)

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