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I wanted to get on board with this Mixtape Masters thing last week, when Angie and Ashley first kicked off this music-sharing effort, but at the time I was up to my eyebrows in a catalog deadline.

No more.

So. A few short days ago, I realized it was nearly Halloween. I have no plans this year. No costume. I don’t even have any candy. So to help get me in the general spirit, I decided to concoct a Halloween-themed playlist. This ain’t your typical “Monster Mash” ish, though. Oh, there’s some camp, but for the most part I tried to get right down to the basics: fear and depravity. You know. The basics.

Here’s the sad thing: I can’t actually embed the player in WordPress. It just automatically disables the player VARS and turns the whole thing into a link. OKAY, CRAZY. If you click on the link below, though, you’ll be taken to the page with the player in it. So… there’s that.

ALSO ALSO: If you’re reading this from an RSS feed, you may not be able to see anything below. Just, you know, to be aware.

All these warnings really make you want to click on it now, eh?

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Midnight Bloody Murder — The Movies
Animal Boy — The Ramones
I Put A Spell On You — Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Real Raw — Dr. Octagon
Trapped in a Basement — Black Lips

What are your favorite creepy tunes?

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7 Responses to “mixtape 1”

  1. creepy and sexy and dark and i love it. screamin jay hawkins is my FAVEEEEEEEEEEE!

    i have to get our damn costumes together today.

    my fave halloween song is one my mom sang to us. she remembers it from chorus in elementary school. “creepy crawly slimy things in your head, in your bed, scary hairy glary spirits all will holler BOO!” we’d sing the song almost at a whisper and shout BOO as loud as we could. oh, the joy we found in that as children. i still do.

  2. Very seasonally appropriate! Me like!

  3. Great picks, Lyn. Just a heads up – cuz I’m on WordPress too – I had to tell Mixpod to go to WordPress for me…it posts one for you with just the playlist..but you can quick edit it with the code it gives you from there…I think after you have the code you should be able to do it yourself afterwards. WP is Crazyy, am I right?

    • For some reason, Mixpod wouldn’t post to my blog for me. It kept telling me there was an error. I triple and quadruple checked the info, to no avail. Maybe it’s just in a bad mood today? I’ll definitely try it again.

  4. BLACK LIPS YAY! one of my favs :):) awesome list!

    also, ya, regarding WP…which is what i have. when you go to “save and get code” just make sure you click the option of “other sites” and it gives you an embed code that works with WP 🙂

    • Yeah, I was using the “other sites” option, and for some reason every time I pasted that code in the HTML section, it would just strip out all the code regarding the player and turn it into a link. UTTERLY FRUSTRATING. I’ll try it again, though.

  5. I looove that screaming jay song. also, ramones are awesome. nice playlist!

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