back in the days

We have a big ‘ol TV. Big ‘ol. TV. It is HD. It is flat panel. Did I mention it was big?1

We inherited this thing via Beau’s parents, who somehow did not have a need for it anymore. And we have been pleased. Greatly.

But lately it’s been in a Bad Mood. TV has decided the red channel on the RGB picture feed is not its friend. Result: people appear jaundiced and/or exceedingly overtanned. Food looks unappetizing. We tried replacing the HDMI cables; no luck. If anything, it’s only gotten worse. Sometimes it just flickers back and forth between red, no red. This hurts my brain.

However. Through a series of trial and error, we have discovered that we can (temporarily) fix the TV picture by stomping on the floor.

This secretly delights me. It takes me back to the days of analog TV, when you’d have to get up, walk across the room, and desperately reposition the antenna arms while whacking on the side of the box to get the picture to stop rolling.2 Real interaction with our household products. Nostalgia. I miss that, you know?

Eh. Not really.


1 Biggish, anyway. 32 inches is HUGE to us.

2 Am I really saying this? Am I really this old?

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  1. hmmm we used to have this ancient tv that you would have to smack upside the monitor when it started to get fuzzy. I went to a private school that we could only afford because my mom taught there but we were pretty poor and I had a bunch of rich friends. (one of the girls had a cell phone in the third grade and this was like 1995). When they would come over to play they would watch me in horror as I would get up and repeatedly hit our television.

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