Today there is an Easter-egg hunt at my work, followed by a luncheon. My reaction to this news was: Oh. So… Easter? Is coming soon, then?

I grew up in the Catholic church. Holy communion, confirmation, whole nine yards. The week after I became an “adult” in the eyes of the church, my mom stopped taking me. She still tries to give up something for Lent, puts up an Easter tree, lights some candles. I, on the other hand, have gradually come to associate this part the of year as the time when they sell the chocolates shaped like eggs.

I even forgot about these elaborate feasts of ham. The HAM, people. Who forgets the ham?1

Anyway. I like April Fool’s day. I know this girl? Two years ago or so she concocted this elaborate April Fool’s day plot to convince her mother she got knocked up before her wedding. She succeeded. Her mother wouldn’t talk to her for several days. I, however, am still her friend. These are the kinds of friends you need in life.

SPEAKING OF GOOD FRIENDS. I pulled a good one on Beau today. Oh, it’s not a trick. He may THINK he’s getting tricked when he gets delivered a dozen fresh-baked cookies at work sometime this afternoon. But no, nobody will sing to him, or make fun of him, or try to snatch the cookies back when he tries to take them. They are just cookies. They are just because. No good reason. I like you, so here’s some sugar.

Sometimes we all need the sugar.


1 Well, except for, you know. All those billions of people who don’t eat the unclean pork.

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  1. Easter…tree? I have never heard of this.

    Easter is totally the holiday I never, ever remember. Almost every year, there is a conversation that goes as such:

    Mom: Do you have any plans for Easter?
    Me: Huh?
    Mom: Easter. Do you have plans?
    Me: Is it Easter already? What day is that?
    Mom: Next Sunday. Are you going to church?
    Me: No, of course not.
    Mom: Dinner with friends or anything?
    Me: Nope.
    Mom: [sigh]

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