A little less than two months from now, in mid-July, I’ll be in Michigan. I’m heading out for my grandmother’s surprise 80th birthday party, and to finally try to go through all the stuff I abandoned at my parents’ house after college on account of it not fitting in my car. When I was there last year I managed to spend an hour poking through some of the boxes, and MAN, am I ever in for a “blast from my past” kind of treat. Ha ha ha ha. Ha.

But here’s the thing. Um. I kind of did this thing where I built in extra time on the front of my trip. I figured I could, you know. Land in Detroit the first night, spend time with one of my aunts, and then maybe the next day…  you know. Ahem. Meet with some people. Maybe. You know, before making the drive north to see the rest of my family. 

So here I am, soliciting myself. I have the afternoon/evening of Saturday, July 14, open for meeting up with folks in the southern Michigan/northern Ohio region (not to be regionally exclusive, but I figure for anyone else the drive/flight would be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive). I would love to try to organize food and drinks in a location that can be reasonably traveled to by all interested parties. 

If you should happen to be an interested party, please email me with your city of origin and we can triangulate potential meeting points (Toledo?).

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  1. Yet again, geography lets me down. Stupid ocean.

  2. You’re still coming to Scotland right?

  3. Um, let’s party.

  4. As you know, I cannot make it 🙁 However, I wanted to contribute something to this discussion, and since you had to bring up the Mitten thing (you can take the girl out of MI…) I have a link for you. Not sure how much you LOVE your home state, but this stuff is pretty cute. My Michigander s-i-l wears the shit out of it:

    Now that’s Pure Michigan.

    • Pure Michigan! I was just remarking to the beau the other night that the only two “hey, come travel to our state!” commercials I ever see on TV are for Michigan and California (and CA — really? Pretty much preaching to the choir, here).

      Anyway. I love these shirts! I saw something similar in a shop in East Lansing when I was last there a few years ago, but they didn’t have the right size, and I wasn’t able to find anything like it online. These are pretty close. Thanks!

  5. Unless you feel like taking a road trip to Toronto, I can’t help you. (But seriously, it’s not THAT far.)

  6. DEAR GOD WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE CALENDAR. It says I’ll be in Michigan in DECEMBER. That’s not JULY, DAMNIT.

  7. Yes! I don’t generally post, but I’ve been stalking your blogs for a while. I live just north of Toledo in the ironically named Temperance, Michigan.

  8. Aw man! Emma, Skully and I are on the other side of the world and feeling left out!

    Looking forward to hearing about stuff you find in the garage. Could be a good post in it. I also look forward to hearing about the Scotland trip – when is that happening?

  9. MEEEEE. I want to!!!

  10. I want to meet you!!!

    Unfortunately, I’m not exactly close to that area, BUT if my work schedule cooperates, I may try to find a way there. Will let you know ASAP if it’s likely.

  11. Drat! Michigan is so not close to Georgia. (I just wishfully looked into the possibility of driving to a bridal shower in Kalamazoo for my college roomie, but alas, it’s 13 hours each way.) One of these days you’ll have to pass this way and I’ll treat you to Waffle House. 🙂

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